Welcome to “A Star For Donny”

In July, 2001, a discussion took place among fans of Donny Osmond concerning his not having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. From that idea, “A Star for Donny” was born. Under the leadership of a Star Team, Donny Osmond fans united to pool their talents and resources to raise the necessary monies to fund the cost of this solo star and in an ongoing effort to present Donny’s application for nomination. A multitude of outstanding accomplishments, achievements and contributions that Donny has independently made to the entertainment industry since 1963 makes him most deserving and worthy of this honor. The passion and commitment to achieve this goal continues.

“A Star for Donny” Mission Statement

The goal of “A Star For Donny” is to enhance Donny Osmond’s recognition as a world-renowned Artist/Entertainer by raising monies to fund a solo Star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California, USA. His fans will accomplish this by working together with love, dedication, and respect for all. The necessary monies will be raised through fundraising activities and individual contributions. The “gift” of this Star to Donny is but a small
reciprocation of his generosity towards his fans.


May 6, 2019

At this time, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every fan who has donated to and been a part of this very worthwhile effort.  Without all of you, we would not have had the privilege of this endeavor on Donny’s behalf.

We have all heard Donny say so many times over the years, “the only thing constant in this business is change.”  With that in mind, we have been in contact with Donny’s management team.  After careful review and discussion it has been agreed upon to cease continuation of the Star effort.  This effort has been in progress for nearly 20 years, yet to no avail, in Donny receiving a solo Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Therefore, Donny has donated $3,000 from the original DOIN campaign(s) to a charity he has chosen.  The name of the charity is “MusiCares.”  Please see the link below for more information about this worthwhile charity.  The remaining $27,100 raised for A Star For Donny, has also been donated to MusiCares.

Of course, this change has nothing to do with Donny’s life-long accomplishments because, fact is, Donny should have been awarded a personal Star many years ago.  Please know, this decision has not come quickly or easily.  Another big reason for disbanding the effort is that the cost for the Star increased, two years ago by another $10,000, to make the cost a total of $40,000.  There has already been $30,100 raised to date, so a fundraising campaign should already have been well underway.  Furthermore, a huge concern remains regarding how many more years it will be before the Star cost increases by another $10,000!  The reality is, every few years the cost increases, but now it is being raised by $10,000 at a time, instead of $5,000.

Regarding our good friend and Star team member, Darlene.  We were so saddened to hear she had suffered a severe stroke over a year ago and would no longer be able to participate in the Star application submissions.  The three of us have worked together for years on this effort and she has been sorely missed.  The A Star for Donny campaign has been one of her passions for years now.  Darlene just loved being a part of it and one of the reasons was that she has been a Donny Osmond fan for over 50 years!  She always cherished all the friends she has met all over the world.  And, Darlene certainly has many friends!  Due to Darlene’s absence, we, as the remaining members of the Star team, have stepped in and taken on the full responsibilities of the team.

Again, please know how appreciative the A Star for Donny team remains to each and every fan/friend who has been a part of this very worthwhile effort.  Donny is also very appreciative, and in a note of thanks to the entire effort, wrote–  “The list of contributors shows support from individuals around the world, and I’m grateful.  I really do have the best fans in the world.”

We may not have gotten the outcome he deserves, but our tireless efforts are not in vain and Donny has every reason to be proud, nonetheless, as we shall always be of him!